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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Three ways to a stylish kitchen

Looking back over my childhood I often find that many of my happiest memories are from times in the kitchen: playing cards late into the night with my gran; helping my mum cook the Christmas cake in early October (that beast needed time for some serious brandy feeding!); the sound of Carols from Kings playing in the background during our Christmas lunch. Fast forward to present times and not much has changed. Whenever we have friends over, it's the faithful kitchen that often plays host to our most riotous cocktail parties. For me, the kitchen is one of the first rooms I would be keen to decorate in a new home. I've picked out three simple yet striking looks that each inspire in different ways. Do you have a favourite? And, what are your fondest kitchen-based memories?
1. Loupe Images + Simon Brown |  2. Red Cover + Tria Giovan |  3. Narratives + Jan Baldwin


  1. You and I pick similar kitchens...which means we'd be perfectly happy together for ever and ever ... Oh sure, we'd have our differences, but nothing we couldn't sort out! LOL ;-) My pots, bowls & bits & pieces is kept tightly under control by Mr L, he hates anything even on the counter ... that's why I have an armoire with two big doors to close of full all my lovely kitchen "stuff". But one day, Will, one day ... hahaha

  2. Hi Will: I had to comment as you included my all time favorite kitchen in #2 - Donna Temple Brown's condo kitchen in Houston, TX - it is unbelievable and doesn't look like a kitchen at all (it was featured in Veranda mag last year or the year before). You also got me with the orange! I love orange! Have a great week! :))

  3. I agree with you about decorating Kitchens as one of the first rooms. I think that kitchens do set the tone for the whole house. Love the turquoise and reds from the first one!

  4. the 2nd photo reminds me of my trip tp Italy when I was a kid -

  5. I WISH my real kitchen would look as styled as these 3! I can gt it there for about a minute...and then real life moves in!! :)

  6. Will- you are so right on! Kitchens are definitely the heart of the home in my mind too! Some of my favorite memories are in the kitchen too... whether lingering meals at the table or hours long coffee mornings with the girls I grew up with - my kitchen now holds tremendous importance to me too!

  7. I so agree. The kitchen is the heart of the home! I would love to do a mega kitchen redo in our home becuase it really doesn't make you feel at home like I would love it too!
    I adore the first kitchen so much!


  8. I love the first kitchen, using the basic tiles and then creating drama by adding colourful accessories. This makes for a very interesting space! Great ideas Will, you are very clever :)

  9. Oh yes, my kitchen is a place where you find my often; I love to cook. This weekend I prepared our first Christmas dinner for 11 persons and I had so much fun.
    I prefer the second picture, as I like a neutral color scheme best. Would you like to see my kitchen? You can find it here:

  10. I think i love the third one the best - Love that colour pop of orange - I think bright colours belong in kitchens.

    Its my first christmas in my one this year and although i'm not cooking christmas lunch i'm hoping to make some christmas memories!

    I love my kitchen!
    Rachie xo

  11. You are spot on. The best things happen in the kitchen. I love the orange one! I've added you to my blog roll you are too good to miss.

  12. hallo fox friend!
    your blog is just splendid!
    I enjoy your array of wonderment on display!
    <3 merry christmas!
    happy blogging! x x x

  13. Love the second one Will. I would never tire of that French style pottery! x

  14. Everyone has kitchens on the brain lately! great ideas!

  15. you know hoe much I love kitchens Will so this is a post after my own heart!

  16. I love the first one! I prefer a simple foundation — the ubiquitous white subway tile, for instance — so I can swap out accessories on a whim or with the change of seasons. My job at Christmastime has always been to polish the silver with my grandmother, a rather mindless task (I can't cook!) but a delightful opportunity to catch up for an hour or so. Great post!

  17. Argh! I can't decide which one I like best! The second one, I think. That storage unit is divine.

    No, the third. No... oh, WILL!

  18. Sign me up for the second kitchen! When can you come over and help me redo mine to look exactly like that? What wonderful inspiration! If only I could renovate mine but alas I rent :(

  19. Love that first tip - then again, I am so indecisive that I could change the bright accessories for a new look all the time!

    Always so great Will.


  20. I love kitchen #2 best of all, though they are all pretty terrific!
    Love your kitchen memories.
    I know that everyone wants to be in the kitchen during a party, so you are right in wanting it to be the star!!!
    Merry Tuesday Will

    Much love,

  21. I know what you mean about kitchens - they are truly the heart of every/any home in my mind.
    There is a certain comforting, relaxing and nurturing informality about them that make most people feel right at home. They evoke feelings of trust (how many secrets and confessions haven't been shared sitting on the kitchen bench..!?!) and harmony.
    I loved and still love company in the kitchen when I cook, and remember standing on a stool next to my mother (probably driving her nuts at times..) 'helping' her cook. We also always had our 'after school snacks' in the kitchen (all formal meals in the dining room), we baked many great creations on the bench, watched my dad clean game food after an Autumn hunt. Also lots of fabulous memories of festive foods being prepared in there, trays of ornate deserts in the fridge with signs saying 'do not touch!'.. To this day, if asked, I would always choose the kitchen as my favourite room in a house.

    xx Charlotta


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