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Thursday 9 December 2010

Tabletop Treats

1. Buck Measuring Cups | 2. Flash Napkins | 3. Cluck Cluck Hen Storage | 4. Gold Ribbed Votive Holders | 5. Acorn and Leaf Napkin Rings
Lavish your tabletops with gold glamour this festive season! Inspired by the enchanted magic of the delightful reindeer measuring cups, these tabletop picks are a fast track ticket to festive fabulousness. One of the easiest ways to surprise your guests is to use objects in unexpected ways within your tablescape. Why not use the measuring cups (1) as a tea light holder with a small parcel label wrapped around it's waist and use as individual place names? Or, roll handwritten notes to your guests and place inside mix and match napkin rings (5) instead of napkins. Go for gold this holiday season - you won't regret it!


  1. ok Will, I LOVE this post, so so cute!! love the chicken! :)

  2. Loving #'s 1 and 4. That little gold reindeer covered bowl is just the thing

  3. I love all of these! Gorgeous!

  4. Love that acorn napkin ring! I wish it came in finger-ring size...too cute!

    *Tania @

  5. Aw, my grandma had a chicken like that. She kept Hershey kisses in it. ;)

  6. Stunning - I've had my eye on those acorn napkin rings!!
    Rachie xo

  7. The buck measuring cups I've been spying for a bit now. A little gilded glamor never hurt any cook right?

    Wonderful grouping Will!

    Sending loads of holiday cheer ~

  8. Ok, those acorn napkin rings are pretty fab - I'm with you there! I love all the goldy fabulousness you've shared!

  9. I am RIGHT on gold at the moment, so looooving this one, Will!
    Every time I come here (never often enough), I am blown away. As an experienced graphic designer, I can honestly say yours is one of the most beautiful and "considered" looking blogs out there. Well done, Will - what a year it's been (yes, I'm on the wind down!). Have a spectacular Chrissie and a F-A-B, swoonalicious and amaze-balls 2011.

  10. Thanks for stopping by, gang. I love that chicken, too!

    Louise - Crikey, thank you, that means so much.


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