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Saturday 11 December 2010

Happy Weekend

1. Camera Press | Amanda McLaunchlain | ACP
These recycled bottles that now being used as vases have inspired me to get my craft on this weekend, folks. What are your plans for the next few days? Whatever you are up to, I hope you have a smashing time! x


  1. Have a great time Will! I was planning to sleep in but Ill have to go and try to renew my passport early tomorrow :( then Ill go check if I find your skirt ha! xx

  2. I love old glass bottles! Great Blog! I have just recently started working with glass and these colors will definitely inspire my work this weekend!

  3. Right back at you mr Bright! Loving the vibe of this one and also just posted something I think you'll like..

    Happy weekend!

    xx C

  4. Hi Will,

    Happy weekend to you too!!!!
    I feel like such an idiot, I finally put you on my sidebar and now I'm reminded how much I love you and need my dose of Bright Bazaar. No wonder I feel out of sorts some days :)
    Miss you,
    Come to Cali soon, my guest room looks so cozy now!!!

  5. Have a wonderful weekend Will! Crafty weekend huh? Something for us to look forward to seeing then. : )

  6. Oh I can't wait to see yours! Have a great weekend Will!


  7. I have tried my hardest to get my creative self into all sorts of projects but just 2 were started and finished. Now to sit back and relax and pretend like the others are not important........Those bottles are simple but effective. Can't wait to see your crafty project.

  8. Ugh. you are always such good motivation for me to get crafty. i love it you creative genius, you! xoxo

  9. No joke, I was just thinking about how I want to arrange some branches with berries and or small leaves/flowers like this in my living room. Hope your weekend is going swimmingly, sir :)

  10. I love those! Have a gorgeous weekend!

  11. Still debating if I will sacrifice one of my walls and go for the crazy Christmas tree idea I saw on the DesignSponge site... I might still do it !!
    what a fabulous idea if you have a small appartment...Link is here below-

  12. I hope you all had fun and crafty weekends, too!


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