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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Lonny Magazine: October/November 2010

Lonny's first birthday issue is out, friends, and how perfect it is for a leisurely Sunday afternoon read. I've picked out some of my favourite stories, photographs and spreads from their Oct/Nov issue. My highlights included their well-edited gift guide, including a picks for us dudes (nice work, Lonny team!) and Ruthie Sommers work transforming her clients apartment into a chic bachelor pad allowed me to warm to olive green more than ever before. However, for me, the real star pages of the issue was the rooftop terrace of Celerie Kemble. Whilst her interior tastes aren't quite in line with my own, the way Celerie decorated her terrace over looking Central Park most definitely is - check out that view, yikes! What were your faves from the issue, guys?
Lonny Magazine | layouts for review by Bright.Bazaar


  1. Oh my goodness! This last patio with the yellow chairs and that view?!!! Wow!!! So excited to check it out!


  2. That charming bathroom is perfection, view inclusive. And in my fav color-combination: white and gray! (Well, I guess white and gray don't exactly count as colors, but go to Mykonos to see how winning it really can be!)
    So, time to take off for our Sunday apéritif. Have a relaxing Sunday evening yourself, Will!

  3. I think it is their best issue yet. Loved the casual and beautiful homes of Lulu DK and Palmer Weiss. The rooftop patio is pretty amazing too.

  4. Eddie Ross never lets me down. I am going to use his gold spray painted pumpkin idea at my own Thanksgiving dinner. I never thought of spray painting them!! Was a great issue.

  5. oh Will, I thought I'm fast (I just posted about the new issue of Lonny), but I see that you're ahead of me :). Loved this issue of Lonny though (just like the others), it never ceases to amaze me! xoxo

  6. I must admit: I didn't make it past the gift guide where my passport cover is happily situated. Spent the morning emailing and texting about my little corner of Lonny fabulousness.

    But tomorrow, on my HD monitor at work, I shall be oogling the rest of it--on my breaks, of course.

  7. Thanks for sharing your faves from the issue; it's always fun to hear what you liked best. I still get excited looking at that Central Park South terrace...wowzers!

  8. I'm off to sit back with a cup of tea and soak in all that is Lonny! :)

  9. Nothing beats olive green. My kitchen went that way earlier this year. It can only be a matter of time before green bath suites make a comeback!

  10. I love this issue of Lonny - it keeps getting better! Totally with you on the olive green xx

  11. Geeze...I've GOT to start reading Lonny.

  12. Lonny will ask you to team up with them as well - Mr. great taste! (:

    Eddie's table is so gorgeous and the terrace - hello!? Crazy nice views.

    Love to you, Mon

  13. Just love those olive green walls!

  14. Bliss alright, I am in love with those yellow chairs!


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