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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Happy Weekend: Livingetc Winners!

Last weekend was quiet and relaxing; the sofa and I had some serious bonding time. This weekend, however, I'll be working on some upcoming articles and features, which I'm looking forward to getting stuck into. After a long day it would be lovely to soak in this bath, admiring that stunning chandelier as I sipped a glass of bubbly and listened to soothing cracks and pops of the roaring log fire. Ah, a boy can dream, right?!

Before I pop off, I'm excited to announce that chose comment numbers 40 and 16 from the Livingetc giveaway. Which means congratulations are in order for Saer over at Craven Maven and Julieann from CreateGirl! Drop me an email (details in the contact section) with the address to which you wish your subscription to be sent and I'll send it over to Livingetc to start your year's subscription. Thanks again to Livingetc for being so generous to help organise this wonderful giveaway - if you haven't yet, please do check out their new blog.


  1. Congratulations to both of the winners! Have a great Weekend as well.

  2. That chandelier is amazing! I'd love a fireplace in my bathroom. Have a fab weekend Will! :)

  3. Great bathroom Will; soaking in that luxe bath would be pure bliss. Have a super weekend! x

  4. Oh my freaking gosh!! I have had the WORST day today due to some shoddy contractors and just sat down to see this!!!!!

    Will & Living Etc you have absolutely made my WEEK!!

    Thanks so much. Email is on it's way!

  5. i love that bathtub. i'd like to be in it right now!

  6. Congrats to the fab winners!!!


  7. Lucky winners!
    That is one fantastic tub and chandelier. Have a great weekend!

  8. Congrats to the winner! Love the pic and happy weekend to you. XX

  9. Aww, too bad. I absolutely love that bathroom though!

    Hope you're having a great weekend Will!

  10. It was a great giveaway - wish it were me... but I'll stick to reading your reviews and checking out their blog for now! ;)

    Hope you have/had a great weekend Will!!

  11. this is class...

    the ostrich half table doesn't work for me though in this room...but everything else is great...

  12. Thanks for taking part, guys, and sorry if you weren't lucky this time. Keep reading if you can, it's a fab mag and I love it!

  13. So So happy! Thanks to you Will and Living Etc, I will remember this every single month : )


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