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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sunday's Bright Links

Marcus Design takes us through the new trend for inky blues.
Lana's post on a dreamy outdoor wedding warms the soul on this cold autumnal day.
Typographical art that you don't want to miss.
Great shoes. Great socks.
Street art that is bound to get you feeling creative.
How many pins could you put onto this places of America map?
A European-style apartment in Brooklyn.


  1. Inky blues are just my kind of color. My dream is to paint the spare room a dark, glossy blue. Thanks for the links, and happy Sunday!

  2. Love the inky blues! Great links - hope you're having a smashing Sunday! :)

  3. lovely finds! I particularly enjoy the simplicity of the wedding and the European style apartment in Brooklyn (so cozy!). Hope your weekend is splendid :)

  4. Will thanks for the links. I am a big fan of Marcus designs love Nancy she is so warm and kind and has a keen eye. I am not familiar with the rest, I will have to check them out!! I also had to mention how fun it was for me to see picts of you with all the other bloggers at the recent events in NYC. It look as if fun was had by all my favorite pict was of you and Emily chit- chatting and using your hands to talk, too cute!!

  5. inky blue and yellow... great concept!

  6. An inky blue is the new neutral. In high gloss would be so divine!!

    Happy Sunday Will ~ deb

  7. Thank you Will for including me in on your lovely list of links!! You are a sweetheart :) I LOVED your pics from New York and I loved seeing things from your perspective. I hope you are having a splendid Sunday my friend!
    Nancy xo

  8. Awesome links and i am in love with the brick in that apartment in Brooklyn. Also, the fireplace is so inviting! xx

  9. i love the blue dining room! i might have to save this as inspiration. i am always saving your stuff.

  10. Glad you enjoyed the links, gang! Thanks for checking them out.

  11. Will, I can't stop staring at that wall art piece with the circles. Can I make that myself?! I am very tempted.

    Just printed the image... A start...!

    A warm hug to you, Mon


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