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Monday, 20 September 2010

{10 Things Nichole Learned This Weekend...}

I'm delighted to welcome Nichole from the ever-inspiring little brown pen blog, who is kicking off the first of this week's four guest posts by sharing with us the 10 things she learned this weekend. Take it away, Nichole!

1. The sound of a train whistle reminds me of my grandfather. I can’t figure out why.
2. Reading Hemingway wax happy about drinking wine in a park, and barely living above the poverty level, makes me feel like, despite valiant efforts, I still have too much stuff.  
3. Costco makes good apple pie.
4. I like the smell of garlic and onions sizzling in olive oil  just about as much as I like the scent of fresh-baked chocolate cake.
5. The fragrant white flowers on my blooming autumn clematis were worth the wait.
6. The tudors in my town are stunning.
7. I won't miss summer.
8. I have enough leftover basil to make at least three rounds of pesto, and enough sage to make one.
9. I'm really sad our woodpecker flew south.
10. That forecast indicates fog and drizzle on the day I arrive back in Paris this week. Happy dance!


  1. Great list! Funny how a train whistle reminds me of my grandfather too! Maybe because I was so aware of them when I was a child when I spent time at his home. And all this talk of apple pie, pesto, chocolate cake and sizzling garlic has made me very hungry... :)

  2. You just told me something I didn't know! Rain this week? Sheesh! Well it proves someone is listening to me, I summoned it for you :)

    I love everything you said, particularly about the delectable smells of sizzling garlic and onions. Someone should make that a candle....

  3. This is my fave post from Will and I must say I enjoed yours just a much. Great Job!

  4. Regards to No. 4, I think she would LOVE cooking in Indonesia as most dishes are prepared with a "seasoning" called bumbu where they fry garlic and onion in butter or oil and then cook the food into the bumbu. :)
    From Bali With Love,


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