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Monday 27 September 2010

10 Things I Learned This Weekend

1. Saturday afternoons spent reading the weekend papers and eating your way through a cavernous bowl of chips kinda rock.
2. Manhattan is even more beautiful than I remembered.
3. Adding new hardware to our bedside tables has transformed them from drab to fab!
4. Hours seem like minutes when catching up with an old friend.
5. I've fallen head-over-heels in love with Real Simple magazine and I'm now on a mission to find a UK stockist.

6. A new craft magazine, Making, has just launched in the UK and my friend Perri writes an excellent column for them. There's also an awesome feature on giving old chairs a new twist by re-upholstering the base.
7. LetterboxCo is a must-stop shop for any stationery geeks.
8. I can't stop thinking about this industrial-style storage unit I saw in CB2.
9. Pottery Barn's fall styling ideas reminded me how every now and then their brand gets it so right.
10. Sweet Paul is like porn for food stylists.


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  2. I really love this series Will. Such a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

    Adele xo

  3. Get list of 10, I like the Making Magazine looks like a great one. Happy Monday!

  4. real simple magazine is one of my fav
    great blog:)

  5. great teachings my dear Will!! and I so agree with the hardware! I did it too and completely changed them!
    Have a nice week xxx

  6. LOL. Sweet Paul IS porn. XXX in fact. ;)

  7. My fave post ... so glad you said that about PB ... I think their stylist's have been brilliant this time around...bang on the money. I drooled over the Sweet Paul mag this weekend ... could decide what to make first :) Have a successful week. S

  8. That blue wall by PB gets me every time. I just love the mix of textures and the gold thrown in. I'm so sad I didn't get to meet you in New York! Maybe next time....

  9. I need to subscribe again to Real Simple! Looks like you had a great weekend!


  10. I love how you nateday design bloggers have reignited my love for the place I call home..

  11. I'm a bit obsessed with Sweet Paul too! Gorgeous photos. Great post Will, I wish next weekend were already here!

  12. Some branches of WH Smiths stock Real Simple. I know the Manchester Piccadilly one does, for example (not that that's much use for you, sorry).

  13. I am a stationary nerd and that clipboard and those numbered pins are great!

  14. Oooo....Letterbox is awesome! And I've been trying to tell you about Real Simple for some time now. So glad you're drinking the kool-aid. Have you signed up for their daily e-mails?

  15. Glad you all liked the November issue!

    Keris - thanks for that tip, I'll look out for it there.

    Tommy - totally!


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