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Wednesday 7 July 2010

{A Big, Bright Thank You}

I've been meaning to update my blogroll for far, far too long so, last night (before heading off to the cinema and a huge bag of Crispy M&Ms) I knuckled down and sorted it out. I've split it out into five sections: Decor, Fabulous, Fashion, Foodie and Weddings. Fabulous is a collection of blogs that don't have too much of a set theme. Rather, these blogs are freaking amazing because of their varied and mixed content; from photography to craft and everything in between these blogs are, quite frankly, fabulous to me. So, that's why some of you lovely dudes and dudettes live there!

I guess now would be a fun time to link up to some of you guys who are new to my blogroll. I wrote about some of my favourites in an old series called, Blog Love, so here are some of the new additions to the ol' roll...

The clever, the stylish, the delicious...Jason wraps it up perfectly in this strap line. A wonderfully personal and intelligent blog is this one. You know when you feel like the words on a blog teach you things, open your eyes to things, give you a new perspective on things, but all the while make you laugh, too? Yeah, this is one of those goodun's.

If you enjoy my monthly reviews of Country Homes and Interiors magazine, then be sure to head over and have a peek at Rhoda's lovely blog. It details her 'double life' - country life at home in Sussex (by the sea - swoon) and working in the City as Editor of Country Homes and Interiors. From craft ideas to garden inspiration there's lots to inspire.

Eva who runs a paper goods company and blogs about anything and everything that inspires her. I especially enjoy her posts on New York building facades and eats. Plus, she's a contributor to the oh so great poppytalk blog.

If you are ever after some photography to loose yourself in for an hour or so, then I'd say hop on over to Bonnie's blog. Whilst it's primarily a blog of her own photography, there are occasional posts with neat finds, like these vintage circus posters - fun!

Out of all of the decor blogs I read, Leah's is one of the most personal. She flings the virtual doors of her home open and invites you in to see all her colourful tablescapes, birthday treats and her entryway makeover.

I'm sure most have you already read Helena's fun and varied blog, but I felt like sharing what I love about it. To me, it's her light, breezy and upbeat posting style that attracts. She's recently started a series called Monday Outfit, which is fun to see and her My Stuff series rocks!

Specs Appeal is a prime example of the blogs that sit in the fabulous section of the blogroll because each post is different, so it's exciting to see what Tommy will write about next. My favourite series of Tommy's blog are his Always Lists - basically products, brands, clothes that he loves and why.

I hope I've not missed anyone off the new roll - if I have please shoot me an email as I'd hate for you not to be on there. Thanks everyone for reading and making me feel so welcome over at your own blogs. Have a lovely Wednesday! Will x


  1. Nice Will! And so nice to see you write up about Leah on The Way We Are. She's such a wonderful, kind and creative person!

  2. tahts some blogroll. I need to get mine in order. If I send you a couple bags of M&Ms can you sort mine out?

  3. ooh ok Will, I'm honestly touched, really! Big hugs and a big big thank you xoxo

  4. you're the best, will, and your tips are always worth checking out. I'm totally with you on 'these roving eyes'. I'm gonna check out your others....

  5. Oh Will, you have so much energy!!! I love it!

  6. Will! Thank you so much! What a thoughtful post. As Shiny Pebble says: so much energy! Impressive.

    Sincere thanks.

  7. om, Will!! Thank you for including my blog, so sweet of you! So nice getting to know you. :)

  8. Thank you so much for adding me to your blogroll! Your blog is so inspirational, and fun to read...I'm flattered you include me in your reading!

    xoxo, cassie

  9. yay! thank you for adding me to your blog roll! i love your other picks. these roving eyes is such a beautiful blog.

  10. Thanks, Molly!! How nice. God, my ego is so stroked today!

  11. Thanks for the shout out Will I am so honored to be included will all of these great blogs!

  12. Will, thanks so much for including me in your blogroll. I certainly don't feel worthy to be in such great company.

  13. Oooh! Some of these are new to me, I must hop over and check them out! I love how you've divided your blogroll into sections.

  14. Aw..thanks, Will! And I'm looking forward to perusing the other blogs you mentioned...most are new to me, which is exciting!

  15. Always fun being here, Will! And yes these are some great bloggers. And you attract them!

    LOVE that Brownstone image that you featured a few posts back. Dod you find out the source?

    oxox from a finally warm Seattle!


  16. Thanks for heading over and checking out these blogs; they all deserve loads of blog lovin'

    Mon (Splendid Willow) - Unfortunately I didn't, I tried searching the web with a few of the tips in the comments left, but to no avail. I've found similar on flickr and Etsy, though.


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