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Monday 19 July 2010

{10 Things I Learned This Weekend...}

1. My favourite style in one outfit: quirky, preppy and laid back smart
2. This vase stole my heart...
3. ...then the Zara sale almost won it back with some seriously stylish bargains!
4. Art studio at the end of the garden? Errrm, yeah go on then.
5. The dress! The location! The colours! The font! Too much awesome for one album cover.

6. GaGa over this creative photography.
7. More shopping! This time a graphic print tee featuring a fun, bright blue car.
8. Observer Food Monthly magazine is still on top form.
9. Peacock motifs are the new owls for homeware prints.
10. Totally Team Jen.


  1. i'll take the vase and the peacock table runner. please and thank you!

    ps. member of team jen as well

  2. really like that creative photography! Your blog always impresses will!
    well done

  3. You Zara shirt is so cool! Oh and the striped vase just made my heart dance, hello, gorgeous! Happy Monday! xo

  4. Yes Please the Art Studio at the bottom of the garden !!!

  5. The amazing Kylie stepped off a plane here today looking like she hadn't just schlepped across the planet...aphrodite indeed! And now, what will I do with those peacock feathers I have??

  6. go kyles!! great aussie chick, havent heard this yet. looking forward to it though!

  7. 10 things that I learned this monday...

    You would look smashing in that outfit!

    That vase would look great in my kitchen

    Love how you take those pics of yourself in the mirror

    I would a studio at the end of a garden

    That album cover is very nice. I need to hear her music

    Love the zebra with the model & her pose!

    That graphic tee is a keeper (love the blue car)!

    I need to subscribe to food magazines

    Peacocks are my absolute favorite even before the owl craze!

    And I've always been on team Jen:-)

  8. I so wish Zara had an online store. I love your tee and team Jen all the way!

  9. Love the vase (especially since it's yellow), and the photo with the zebra is stunning! Glad to have found your blog and be a follower!!

  10. I stumbled across this blog just today after searching online for the buttercup yellow bobby floor lamp from habitat (my husband just bought 2 of the lamps in the habitat sale!), and this blog popped up first! it's so lovely!

    On saturday I signed for a new apartment so i am looking for inspiration, and this blog is full of things i love... already i need that yellow stripey vase to go with my new yellow bobby lamps!

    Thank you!

  11. LOVE the peacock table runner! Perfection, and I love that bright blue car shirt, so vintage looking!

    P.S. I love this series on your blog, such a great idea!

  12. Totally team Jen! Great shopping finds. I did a little shopping myself!

  13. Will, your "10 things" posts are so awesome! Perfect way to show off the most diverse facets of one's personality. (And of course it's the perfect place to post behind-the-curtain dressing room shots! Cute.) I think the (surely Italian) model in Picture 1 was cloned about 500 times, because every other guy at the beach in Mykonos looked like him and was from Milan.
    Good to be back at your bright bazaar. :-)

  14. LOVE the peacock prints ~ so fun!

  15. LOVE your 10 Things List!! Am totally loving the real Will pics!! You're just as stylish as any on the Sartorialist..

  16. Yay for peacocks!!!

  17. This is a delish 10 things Will, the zebra is GORGEOUS..

    but I'm writting because OHMYGOSH YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!! The cutest London tea towel showed up in my mail box, and seriously, you shouldn't have.. it was so so so nice (and crazy cute!)

    Thank you so much..


  18. great post as always...and there is no other team to be on than team jen i say...

  19. Excellent post! I'm digging the shirts and the vase, especially.

  20. That Kylie cover is gorgeous! I hadn't seen it yet! And yay for shopping, love the shirts you got :)

  21. the vase completely stole my heart too!!

  22. Thank you everyone for leaving such fun and kind comments about my 10 things series - I'm smiling lots over here! xx

  23. Good photos! Love the Zara outfit. :)

  24. I love this little series!! #6 blew me away. Wonder if I'd look that fabulous standing next to a zebra??

  25. i love this post! i love the plaid! i love the man in the first photo! delicious dish!


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