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Wednesday 16 June 2010

{Sunday Suppers' Prints}

I've written here before about the inspiration I gain from foodie blogs, especially those ones that make-your-mouth-hit-the-floor-before-the-page-finishes-loading type ones. Know the type I mean? Well, imagine the excitement I felt when I merrily clicked through to Sunday Supper's online store yesterday. As I checked their new look site I happened upon these down right brilliant prints and boy oh boy are they brilliant! I can't get enough of their simplicity; the approach to the photography is so refreshing, which results in these yummy prints. My favourites are the Currents and the Blueberries and I'm going to start saving for one of them right away. Do you like food styling, and do you ever feel inspired to decorate after seeing it?

Print images: Sunday Suppers


  1. I love Sunday Suppers' blog - it is always filled with such gorgeous photography and I didn't even know they had a store, how exciting. Off to check it out now. Thanks Will :)

  2. Great food photography and styling tends to make me hungry more than anything else (although I guess that's the idea!). But the colours certainly inspire on the decorating front.

  3. Love those blueberries - bring back summer!bersope

  4. Also a big fan of Sunday Suppers, love the styling and photography.
    ps your wishlist is up today!

  5. they're gorgeous images - lolong of the shot

  6. I love fresh eggs, and I'm hungry from just looking at these.

  7. Sunday Suppers is a fabulous site isn't it? I just found one of their recipes for Brioche French toast. Can't wait to try it. =)

  8. I love food styling for sure. I collect vintage tableware and such so I have so much fun when friends come over for food!

  9. I love stuff like this, but usually I'm just inspired to eat. Or to bake.


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