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Thursday 17 June 2010

{Nate Berkus & Colour}

When Michelle from Holley and Gill sent this tweet to the ever so gorgeous Moggit Girls (those two know how to work the glamour) I felt excited to be able to join in the Nate Day fun. I think it's really fantastic what Joy and Janet have managed to achieve in getting a whole studio audience of design bloggers together for a recording of Nate's new show on NBC this fall. I see this as a really positive move; one that recognises the passion and engagement for interior design within the blogosphere. This is so important because it shows that, just like fashion bloggers getting front row seats for the runway, us design bloggers are starting to get the same recognition.


The reason Nate's designs appeal to me is down to colour and his confidence to go for it. His use of colour is sophisticated and fun, not stuffy or forced. I mean, just check out those subtle pops of yellow on the seat backs of the two chairs in the top right hand corner - genius. Of everything I've seen of Nate's, my favourite design is that blue gloss and black kitchen. It's the perfect mix of masculine design and feminine glamour. I'd quite happily jump up onto one of those orange stools, vino in hand (obv), and kick back to watch his new show. Just gotta get a flight to the States first but, you know, when a guy loves his decor he can make these things happen! Thanks for letting me take part Joy and Janet. Check out all the Nate Day posts, here.


  1. oh I love Nate Berkus, he's a design genius.

  2. Great post! Happy belated NateDay :)

  3. Yes, give the design bloggers their just due.

  4. The reason I love his designs is because he's the one delivering them! Mmmeow!

  5. nate day, yay!! loved the idea, main reason I got myself into twitter! was bummed I missed it!!

  6. I looove Nate; but who doesn't!

  7. There was a song written about this, I think. Lemme see...oh yes. Simply irresistible!

  8. Thanks SO much Will for joining in on our NateDay! Never did I imagine it would grow to this many bloggers, so happy you made it on our list. I agree finally design bloggers are getting the attention they deserve! Hope to meet you in NYC for Nate's new show


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