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Friday, 11 June 2010

{Lonny June/July 2010}

There simply are no words to describe the amount of goodness in Lonny's latest issue. So, let's get down to are my first peek faves from the issue - I'd love to know what had you swooning? P.S. It's Friday...oh, yeah!

Images: Lonny Mag


  1. ha ha a few favourites..Can I say the whole thing! On first peek Deboarh Llyod'S article..swoon .Happy Friday xx

  2. Hi Swoonster.
    You know everytime I look at Lonny, I see something new. Its like "Where's Wally" for decor-lovers...
    Happy weekend! Weeeeeeeeeeeee!

  3. Hi - love your blog, just became a recent reader...I LOVE the Lee Kleinhelter condo - she is one of my faves and have loved her style since I saw her home in 'Cottage Style' a year or so beautiful!!

  4. Those dining chairs are to die for! I've never seen anything like them!

  5. Hi Will! It's funny, I did a posting on the new Lonny issue and we didn't any of the same favourite photographs! That's not to say, I didn't love your images, I just liked other ones more. I guess that just shows how great Lonny is - it can appeal to all different styles!

  6. L.O.V.E. Jayson Home & Garden in Chicago. I've been a couple of times and it's always jammed with amazing gear. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that Nate Berkus is a frequent shopper either... lol

  7. Love the low hanging chandelier above the settee and tuffed bench - I could sit and read for hours, sipping a bit of tea of course. Thanks for sharing your favorites and have a lovely weekend. =)

  8. Will, I agree with your picks. Lonny is so great. I can't wait for other clever people to follow suit and give us more high-quality online magazines.

  9. your roundup of photos is so you! and i love that about you :)

  10. I peeked in to Lonny yesterday, actually, although I'm woefully behind. I should just take a full day and go through every issue. Great picks!

  11. yes! was such a good issue -- loved the lucite coffee table, as well as the desk with the lucite legs and so much else...


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