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Monday, 7 June 2010

{Country Homes and Interiors July 2010}

The July issue of Country Homes and Interiors proves how the magazine is going from strength to strength at the moment. Being a coastal special, I expected it to be page after page of 'beach' signs and fish paintings. How wrong I was! Yes, there are the occasional stereotypical beach-inspired accessories, but in essence, this issue has much more to offer. From colourful brights (2, 3, 9) to sophisticated grey-hued farmhouse-style kitchens (4), this issue will inspire you whether you live by the coast or inland. My favourites include: the vibrant azure blue bedspread (5); the multi-coloured striped napkins tucked into clear glasses (8); and as soon as I saw that deep beetroot colour (12) I knew instantly it would make a great accent colour. Thanks for another brilliant issue!

P.S. Be sure to head over and check out their blog, Country Days. It's a lovely and sometimes touchingly personal look at the life of Rhoda, the magazine's Editor.


  1. I will check out the blog. Summer has hit the city. Have a great week Will xox

  2. Yes yes yes.
    Loving this.

  3. I really love this lobster in this kitchen.

  4. You are so right with this issue. Lots of vibrant colors with the accessories and greenery all around. Just gorgeous!

  5. Easy & happy living! Hard to not be a content cat in these environments!

    Thank you for sharing! And are you really moving?

    ox from a rainy Seattle - Mon

  6. Thanks for posting this Will! What a nice way to start a week. btw I love the canopy bed! xo

  7. Yes way better than your usuall beach decor! I love those striped napkins too!

  8. You are right! This is a fresh new approach to coastal living and I love it!

  9. great review Will, thanks!! I love some coastal chic :)
    btw, ill email you tonight!! xx

  10. Love the colourful outdoor area! About to go check out their blog, didn't know they had one! Hope the packing's going ok :)

  11. Will, I am with you on the striped napkins too fun!! I will have to stop and take some time to peruse my issue, thanks for the heads up. Also thankyou so much for the visits and comments to my blog. I really appreciate seeing you there!! Happy Monday,Kathysue

  12. I don't suppose you could call my boss and ask her to give me an extra 4 weeks of vacation time to enjoy the summer??
    These images are wonderful...pure escapism

  13. you guys get the BEST magazines over there! I have to spend days tracking down one outdated copy of elle decoration UK. thanks for sharing these amazing publications with us will!

  14. Whoa!! This is mostly a total winner. I'm not wild about beets. And I'm still wondering what a water butt is.

    But that kitchen and those striped napkins and the bell jar?! Yes x3.

  15. These lovely and unassuming spaces are making me crave an easy vacation that is just about those you love, and a great view of the beach, and delicious food!


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