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Wednesday 2 June 2010

{Colin Ruffell}

Following my post on Mariska's stunning works yesterday, I'm on a bit of a colourful art roll, and this morning the spotlight's on the equally talented Colin Ruffell. I first discovered his work when I purchased a pack of postcards from IKEA. Intrigued, and at risk of sounding like Rebecca Bloomwood, I 'Google-d' him and found more of his original pieces and prints on his website. Based in Brighton, UK, Colin works alongside other members of his family, all producing simply stunning art. Bold, graphic and emotive, Colin's paintings feature some of my favourite places in the world. I'm a bit smitten with these paintings, can you tell?

1. NY Statue of Liberty; 2. NY Jan09; 3. Blue Skies09; 4. Tuscany; 5. Mediterranean Dream; 6. Corfu; 7. Colours of New York; 8. Hong Kong


  1. I love these. I could stare at them all day & dream of being there!

  2. i love the bright colors and subject matter. those print alone could be the jumping off point for a beautiful room design.

  3. I absolutely adore featuring artists in my website. There is so much talent out there and the world can use some beauty and color, don't you think?

  4. The colours that he uses are so unique! Especially for a New York City skyline. I like them very much!

  5. YES! Love him!! He would have fit right in with my post today! Great minds....


  6. absolutely love these, will. the colors are outstanding. thanks for spotlighting this artist...

  7. I'm a huge lover of Greek Islands and their white buildings!

  8. Wow, great pieces or art, love it! Love your blog!

  9. ok i am now obsessed with this artist. so amazing. thanks for the intro luver.


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