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Thursday 13 May 2010

{Office Inspiration: The Art Barn}

Maybe you work in a creative space everyday or perhaps you slog it in a cubicle doing the 9-5? Either way, I promise you this creative work space will make your jaw drop in awe. Let's take a peek inside the art barn of Alexis, Fern and Feather's author, who I discovered through luxe and lillies yesterday - it's a real treat!

Managed to stop squealing with delight yet?! (Yep, it took me a while to stop, too!) Ok then, let's see how we can recreate this creative, laid-back style...

Paint with Sexy Pink from Dulux

Add lighting with the Ridged Pendent from Pottery Barn

Accessorise with the Pink Splash bunting from Zigzag Bunting...

...then add character with these antique bottles from three potato four...

...and finally keep in with the barn-like look with a pile of these wooden trays


  1. awesome, will. and your link to those antique Rx bottles? Love!

  2. I'm still squealing Will!
    I love love love it too.
    Is that galvanized corrugated metal painted pink? Unbelievable. Some people really think outside the box and have the guts to do it. Fabulous post. Thanks!!

  3. love those bottles and wooden trays!

  4. Seriously ... if the art barn wasn't already totally amazing.. you took it to the next level absolutely beautifully! I love that you got another picture, its fun to see inside. And that you helped to create an art barn for us... i think im in love!

  5. stop it! that lighting bestills my heart! woah! fantastic.

  6. yes PLEASEEEE!!! I love a good pink paint, and plus antique bottles! Game over! LOVE it!!
    Love your blog mister! I'm staying tuned :)


  7. I'm right with you all - we need a hug art barn for us all to get together in and have cocktails and blog to our hearts content!


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