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Wednesday 12 May 2010

{Magazine Review: Elle Decoration June 2010}

With this stunner of a cover, how could the June issue of Elle Decoration not be an absolute treat?! Its pages boast some of the most accessible layouts and inspirational home tours of many of the shelter mags, and as for their styling, well that's off the scale. For me, this month's highlights have to be the interesting feature on using outdoor furniture inside (4), the stunning utilitarian-chic kitchen (7), and that moody blues scheme (9) definately called out to me. Oh, and how adorable is the cat on the cover?



  1. That's it. I'm going to get a book going to see who between you and Louise can do the most posts about magazines. And I thought I was a magazine junky! Keep 'em coming.

  2. Im so jealous of the awesome mags you have over there! This issues looks nothing short of amazing! I'm so drooling over these earthy pages. I always saw myself as more of a sparkly kinda gal, but, I have been absolutely taken with the organic vibe lately!

  3. Love the image on the front cover -especially the chevron wood
    floors. Must pick up this issue - my local book store carries most of the UK design magazines.

  4. Agreed. Fantastic publication. And you gotta love that fat cat! -jami

  5. Newest follower! Love your blog!

  6. Oy! These are amazing!! I LOVE the outdoor furniture inside.. yum!!

    Great to find you too!


  7. Oh, the UK version looks amazing! Thanks for posting!

  8. Just beautiful and colorful. I want to step into each room. Lovely!

  9. OH, what eye candy!
    Everything is more then great: Love happy colors, patterns, large windows and a style part effortless, part unintended, part collection and part glamour...

  10. That issue looks especially great. Honestly, I always assumed that magazine was a bit stuffy, but this preview hints otherwise.

  11. Thanks for your great comments everyone - glad it's not just me who likes what Elle Dec team are doing at the moment.

    Tommy - interesting you should say that because I stopped buying ED for a while for that very reason and about 6 months ago they turned things around and are now way more accessible. A very good thing.

  12. Oh, I agree. ED are knocking most of the others out of the park at the moment.


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