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Monday 26 April 2010

{Office Inspiration: Grey and Orange}

The reason I think this office is so great is because it's achieveable and accessible. Don't get me wrong, I love dreamy, OTT styling as much as the next slave to interiors, but every now and again it's lovely to think: I could easily achieve that look. Teaming the cool grey hues with vibrant orange accents was a good move, as they are clearly best friends. Plus, it would be easy to get the look with a lick of this paint, a couple of these units and this fantastic lamp. Sorted!

Image: Living Etc


  1. I am all for accessability. Great post Will, and I loved the magazine in the oven quip.

  2. This would go down so well in my house...

    Me: Darling, I'm painting the office grey, okay?

    Darling: No, too miserable.

    Me: Did I mention the orange?

    Darling: Where's the paint, I'll help.


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