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Tuesday 2 February 2010

{Office Inspiration - 4 rooms, 4 ways}

For this week's Office Inspiration, I thought I would take a look at four very different office spaces and how they might work for different environments.

First up is this lovely grey and yellow work area. Although I do like the colour scheme that has been used, I don't think I could work in this space as it reminds me of a hotel: the padded walls and the upholstered chair scream hotel room! However, I liked the colours that had been used and think the space has a calming influence, so decided to share it with you guys anyway.

This is a perfect example of how to maximise the use of space in the home. My discussion with Angela from living:room recently got me thinking about maximising space and this tiny 'alcove office' (sounds quite quaint really!) shows that the possibilities are always there. Ok, so this office may not have a view, but it's got pretty much everything else you could need to work functionally - and it makes a great use of space otherwise left redundant.
If you're a crafty soul then this work area would be a heavenly space! There's a big and practical desk for getting creative on, whilst plenty of storage stops the space feeling too cluttered, yet open units still allow for that eclectic feel. The room is tied together with the all white furniture and red accessories, which means inspirational pieces from magazines or crafty bits in jars are almost framed by the scheme. I really like this space, especially the storage jars on the shelf.

Images: housetohome

This final space couldn't fail to be a pleasing place to sit and work. I'd rather like to sit at this desk, looking out over the garden whilst I got down to work. Perhaps not the best solution for everyday working from home, but a definite winner for those looking for a work space at home for doing tax returns, bills and other desk like chores! Which of the four office spaces is your favourite?


  1. I would have said #3, Will, but then I saw #4! I love #3 for its brightness and storage, which I would need for all my interior decorating stuff. #4 is very serene and more the way I would go color-wise, though.

  2. Hi Kathy! I know, I do love the garden view that the fourth set up offers, and you are right - it is very serene and calming.


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