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Tuesday 16 February 2010

{Interiors Inspiration: A tiny Brooklyn studio apartment}

I couldn't believe my eyes when I found the interior of Zach Motl, a junior designer at Robert Couturier & Associates, in the NY Times last week. At a tiny 178 square feet, Zach has made use of every inch of space in his eclectic studio apartment in Brooklyn.

Somehow even though Zach's belongings are stored on display, it doesn't make the space feel that small.

I don't know about you guys, but how he has made under-the-bed storage look stylish I don't know...but he has!

The utilitarian-chic of Zach's kitchen has just the right amount of industrial flavours, saved from being too cold by the deep and warming green of the wall. This striking colour also helps to zone the area, which is essential for one-room living.

Could this cut-out kitchen be any more adorable?! Loving the splash of colour in the form of the blue wellies and bright red bowl.

The use of neutral colours through-out the studio helps to tie the eclectic look together, and makes the introduction of colour (like with the green kitchen wall) that much more effective.

The midnight blue ceiling adds drama, whilst working with the white accessories to calm the space.

Look! Even the ties look effortlessly cool!

Despite the tiny space, Zach found a nook for that all important home office.

The splashes of both colour and graphic prints (as seen above) add interest and prove that despite having a small space, you don't have to cut back on stylish additions or pattern. I'd recommend reading the full NY Times article - it's really inspired me to get creative in my little flat!


  1. Adorable. I had no idea such a small space could be packed with so much design inspiration... thanks for sharing!

  2. Very impressive! Love the challenge of a tiny home when it comes to space planning and style. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. Love the blog, Will... Keep up all the nice posts.

  4. love the use of color in his small space... makes it look bigger than it really is. And great blog! Just stumbled across you today :)

  5. Hey guys. Thanks for stopping by - glad you all like Zach's studio as much as I do! I agree, Brandi, the use of colour is really inspirational and makes the small space work so well.

  6. I love all the spaces, thanks for sharing, I'm a new follower & can't wait to see more. Well done!

  7. The guy clearly has style and that goes for you too Will! Well done on your fab mention on Decor8 and hope you feel better soon :)

  8. I saw your blog featured on decor8 and I've been going back through your older posts and I am loving the images you are sharing. So bright, colorful and cheerful. Keep up the great blogging. :)

    Especially this great small space, I love the ties in the bowl!

  9. So glad you're loving the bright, colourful images on the blog - that's what Bright.Bazaar is all about: adding personality and colour to interiors to make them feel extra special.

    Thanks for your kind words about the Decor8 article everyone :)

  10. Aside from the kitchen sink, I love the apartment. He's made everything work for him rather than sucking up space - Cool clutter. I'm tempted by the midnight blue bathroom ceiling.

  11. What a great space! Inspired me to think a little more outside of the box...although our space is anything but normal! :)

  12. Hey Julie...your space sounds interesting! I just checked out your blog - loving the EAT letters!

    Natalie - the sink is certainly a love or hate it piece. That midnight blue colour is so delicious I could eat it! :)

  13. Great Blog Will. (in caps for effect!)

    Nice to have a London point of view and really great selection of posts.


  14. Found you through Decor8 and I'm enjoying your blog! I became a follower and I look forward to reading some more and drooling over more awesome images!! : )


  15. I love that those wellies are a) Marc Jacobs and b) just for show! In that tiny flat!

    It is a beautiful use of space, and I agree, how he can make his under-bed storage look stylish is beyond me.

  16. saw you over at decor8. love your blog and i look forward to visiting again!

  17. so i just got back from reading the full article like you suggested, and i loved the part about how he was kicked out of an antique store at the age of 10. a similar thing happened to me. it was also encouraging the last part about how he went for that job and got it. love it.

  18. Thanks for all the comments - glad you're loving Zach's work as well. Lush bella - it's a great article and there are some lovely anecdotes in there, the one about the Marc Jacobs wellies made me chuckle!

  19. Wonderful! I wish we could have more posts like this - it makes me feel much better about my teensy flat! There's a very fine line between quirky and stuffed when you live in a small space but they pulled it off!

  20. Oh wow-- I like this space. He has stuff! I see so many lean, spare spaces without stuff... They look wonderful, but not like a place I would really live in. Love this apartment :)


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