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Thursday 28 January 2010

{Trend watch: Owls}

What's not to like about these feathered friends that grace our planet? They are cute, cuddly and some how bring a style factor that packs a punch of fun to anything they grace for the home. There are loads of owl accessories out there right now and here are some of my favourites:

Grab this Owl cushion from for a quirky, homespun look at £33.60 each
If a modern look is more your thing, then pick up the 'Fat Owl' cushion from - a bargain at £22.00 and a personal favourite of mine.

These fun little cushions are part of the Heal's ReDiscovers collection, which celebrates the furniture store's Bicentenary. Knitted by Donna Wilson, priced at £40.00 each and available in three co-ordinating colours, they would be perfect for a child's room.
Also from Heal's is this handblown glass Barn Owl decoration. They are pricey at £185.00 each but they are individually mouth blown and part of the Oiva Toikka Birds collection; perfect gifts that would be kept forever.


  1. Love owls and these are so awesome...particularly love Donna's knitted owls

  2. I love the Toikka birds, have been coveting one for ages now but the price...ouch. Still, you're right, it would be treasured forever!

  3. With each new picture I was like, "I love that one" and then I would see the next and be all "oh, I love that one, though". Perhaps I'll have to save for them all; the Toikka Owl is very special!


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