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Monday 26 October 2009

{Feel good shopping}

First things first: if you've not checked out this blog by A Thrifty Mrs, then please do so - it's fantastic! It's also where I found out about a great Swedish home decor company called, Rice.
Whilst Rice is brilliantly colourful (a bit like another of Bright.Bazaar's favourites, Jonathan Adler) it also takes home top prize for corporate social responsibility. Crikey it's all getting a bit too formal round these parts; basically they are a morally and socially responsible company and you can read more about that, here, if you would like.

Rice sells lots of gorgeous home products and here are some lifestyle shots to give you a taster of what they have on offer. Certainly something there to brighten up the darker winter days... Enjoy!

Images: Rice


  1. Wow! How gorgeous is that orange kitchen unit thingy?! Want!

  2. It's utter gorge - could we have half each?!

  3. Thanks for sharing such lovely bright things on such a grey & gloomy day - I'm in LOVE with the bright orange kitchen cabinet!

  4. Alas, Will, it'd look stoopid in my rickety pale blue kitchen. Orange and blue aren't happy bedfellows.

  5. Well that is a shame, I suppose I could make room for the whole unit...tee hee. I do love it!

    Glad you like it too, H is for Home!

  6. I love Rice - thanks for those fabby images. I really want that pile of tupperwares. And so great to see you back blogging and tweeting. You've been awfully quiet of late, Mr W ;-)


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