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Thursday 13 August 2009

{Bottles and bottles of fun}

Glass bottles, especially those of vintage nature, are perfect for making stylish touches to almost any spare corner of your home. There is something rather satisfying about playing with different arrangements; trying them out to see how the light falls through the various coloured glass, casting shadows as it does, whist adding texture and depth to what would otherwise been just a windowsill/shelf/side table.

Bright.Bazaar headed over to Etsy this morning to browse through their bottle offerings. Here's what we found...

Images, top to bottom: Laundry glass bottle; Nesbitt's orange soda bottles; Log cabin syrup; Cola and soda bottles; Blue glass bottle. All from Etsy and individually linked to sellers.


  1. The red flower in the cola bottle is stunning!

    I love that a single flower and simple bottle has such an amazing effect, whilst being so simple.

  2. @Alexandra Sheppard Isn't it just lovely? I love how you can make something so eye catching and beautiful, from using only a flower and a bottle.

  3. Bottles are amazing, I remember as a child digging them up. What do we have for our children to dig up and put a flower in..... squashed pastic bottles! Bring back glass any day!

    I am intriqued as to what Log Cabin Syrup was!

  4. @Sew Recycled I'm not sure either, but it sounds yummy. For some reason it looks quite Canadian; I guess it's that red colour, which is similar to Canada's famous maple syrup!

  5. I saved a couple of mason jars a few years ago {similar looking to the last picture}, cleaned them up for the summer months to put some sand in the bottom with candles. I just love the simplicity of it and candles outside are the perfect lighting to me.

  6. @Kathy You are right, outdoor lighting is great - very relaxing and peaceful. I remember you commenting on our recent lighting post and you said about using tealights on the patio during summer - sounds great!


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