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Tuesday 28 July 2009

{Lego builds and thrills}

Lego sofa. Image: Apartment Therapy
Ah, those trusty coloured bricks. For years they have been the comfort of many a child and, to be honest, probably an adult or two along the way. Yes, Lego certainly folds a fond space in Bright.Bazaar's heart - I remember all those years building Lego airports, trucks, islands, cars and many more. However, I never imagined anyone building a whole house out of the little plastic cubes. Well, Top Gear's James May is going to do just that and as we've not had a chat about all things architecture for a while - why not check out this great blog, which features 20 famous skyscrapers made out of, you guessed it, Lego. Brilliant! Oh and if you fancy harking back to your childhood, then you can volunteer to help James build his Lego house here.


  1. The pictures in the link are amazing! I have seen some really creative {and, I'm sure, time consuming} lego creations. Nice post, Will!

  2. What a cool sofa! And I know a little boy (and a big one!) in our house that wouls relish the thought of that in our playroom :-)


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