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Sunday 31 May 2009

{Office Inspiration - Tree Fall Design Studio}

Office inspiration this week comes from somewhere closer to come, Leeds in fact. This creative space was made by Manda McGrory who runs Tree Fall Design. Her studio is light and airy, displaying a fantastic use of limited space. It just goes to show that whilst vast office spaces like the Urban Outfitters' HQ can be hugely inspiring, so too can small spaces and Manda's studio is living proof of this.

The space is clearly productive, with Manda running a successful online Etsy store selling handmade goods, using lots of recycled fabrics, many of which you can see in the photos here. Her online shop sells handmade quilts, soft toys, tote bags and many more delightful finds. Look how she has used left over fabric imaginatively to liven up often forgotten parts of a room, such as the panels in the door below.

The studio even manages to look stylish through storage. Check out the extensive range of fabrics Manda has stored, it must take her all day just to choose one for her next design!

Images: Manda McGrory, Tree Fall Design

Do you have a creative space or a home office that you would like to share? Please get in touch in the comments below or find Bright.Bazaar over on twitter - 'Will_UK'.


  1. What a great office space! I love so many things here - the fabric on the doors, the fabric storage (behind glass doors is fabulous) and the area just above her desk set up with various tools she may need to grab.

  2. Thanks so much for this Will!!

  3. Hi,
    came via treefall blog, love this post , great to get a little sneak peak into peoples homes especially when they're so stylish

  4. Hi Dee. Thanks for stopping by the blog. Isn't Manda's studio just SO inspiring - I love it and I'm glad you enjoyed it too.


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