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Wednesday 13 May 2009

{Design classics for peanuts}

Quirky, affordable and stylish - in other words a Bright.Bazaar dream come true! The Peanut Vendor is the sort of place I would like to go to when hungover; immersing myself in all those gorgeous vintage pieces is the best cure I could possibly think of having! Ran by Barnaby Read, the North London shop is full of affordable finds ranging from a 1960's chair, a 1950's sideboard, to a fabulous 70's alarm clock (see below). Check out what's currently on offer at their online store. And as for the name? Well, why not venture on in and ask the guys inside to explain the story behind it...just make sure you take your wallet; there's no-way I'd leave that place empty handed!

Small 1950's G-Plan Sideboard

70's White Alarm Clock

1960's Red Armchair
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