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Tuesday 14 April 2009

{The thrift movement}

Over recent months I've been noticing the growing trend for thrift fashion; turning those bargain buys into treasured parts of your home. House Proud: Hip Craft for the Modern Homemaker, by Danielle Proud has just been released in softback and is bang on trend when it comes to the so called 'thrift movement'. Bursting with ideas on how to upholster a run down armchairs, through to covering a traditional standard lamp in a vibrant and seasonal fabric. I'm hoping to try out the latter on my next break from work (and check out Danielle's version, below, on the cover of her book, it's brilliant!). The book is available online and in store now and I would recommend it to anyone who is feeling the hit of the C.C. but still wants to invest in their home.

Amazon/Amelia Troubridge

Not only is this a great way to save money, it is also an exciting way to add to your home. I love that feeling of heading out to the auction, not knowing what you will return with. Then you get the chance to personalise what you've found and turn it into a piece of furniture or an accessory that is unique to you and, even better, unique to your home.

If you're a mega craft fan, then check out Make and do with Perri here. It's a fab blog about all things craft - let me know if you guys make anything for your home.

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