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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Three Ways To Make A Striking Statement With Tiles

Tiles are a brilliant way to add a striking statement to a home because they provide an opportunity to create visual impact across a variety of surfaces in key rooms across the home - the kitchen, bathroom and living room. The first idea works wonders in the kitchen; create a mosaic tiled splashback to bring colourful interest and charm to a modern set of units. Opting for a multi-coloured mosaic like this means you can change up your accessories (kettle, toaster, tea towels, utensils and so on) as often as you like because the different hues of the tiles give multiple reference points for colour accents. The second idea is to use tiles to frame a key piece of furniture in a room. This bathroom space shows how tiling one section of a wall with floral tiles behind a stand alone tub effectively anchors the statement of the room, which prevents it from looking as though it's 'floating' in the space. Idea two is a great way to use tiles to produce a chic, coordinated scheme. The third suggestion - to tile a checkerboard on the floor - works best in larger spaces, like a living room. This is an ideal way to bring a formal and traditional feel to a scheme and works well when paired with another bold pattern such as a wide stripe wallpaper. The checkerboard effect would look great in an elongated hallway, too. Which of these three ideas do you like best?
// The Tile Depot

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Five Creative Ways To Decorate With Topps Tiles

My mum has been planning a number home renovations recently (stay tuned for some peeks on the blog...!) and she's enlisted her very own Mr. Bazaar to offer advice/have someone on hand to wax lyrical with for hours over almost-identical-paint-shades-to-any-normal-eye! Well, as part of my research for her new kitchen tiles I came across Topps Tiles, who, it turns out, have a really inspiring catalogue. The striking combination of metro titles on the wall and square floor tiles on the cover shot (idea one) pulled me in straight away; note how the look is prevented from becoming too busy through the use of a simple two colour palette. The second idea that inspired me was this 50/50 pattern split across the splashback tiling - I love the exotic, Mediterranean feel it evokes. It's rare that I'm drawn to very muted palettes yet the mix and match approach of subtle, soft-hued ceramic glazed tiles in idea three results in a cohesive, calm and interesting splashback. The red tiles of number four are similar to the metro tiles of idea one but are more elongated, which creates a greater feel of modernity and less industrial. By extending the tiling away from the kitchen top to the whole wall creates a bold kitchen statement. Finally, and in stark contrast, we see how using small square tiles with delicate pattern detailing is perfect for a country kitchen look. My mum has a country kitchen and loves look number five best. As for Mr. Bazaar's fave? I can't pick between idea one and two. Which is your favourite?
// Topps Tiles

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

{Fired Earth Tiles}

After a one-stop shop for some fantastically colourful tiles? Look no further than the wonderful Fired Earth. Yes, traditionally they've stocked some pretty expensive tiles, but with the launch of their new 'Tile Basics' collection, you can get yourself some super stylish tiles from just 36p! Whatsmore, they stock styles to suit a whole host of different schemes. I'm loving the multi-coloured collage (2), whilst the gold hues (10) would be perfect for five star hotel luxury. As you can tell, I'm quite a fan. I have a feeling you will be too after seeing what they have on offer...

Images: Fired Earth
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