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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Take Your Pick: Karla Pruitt Wallpaper

Let's add a little fun to Tuesday shall we, folks? I always love doing these Take Your Pick posts because it's so fun to read which colourway different readers like best and why. Today's choices come from surface designer and painter, Karla Pruitt, who works out of her Athens, Georgia based home studio, where she illustrates repeat patterns for both home and apparel. Karla's work is influenced by her surrounding neighbourhood in Athens, which is all about appreciating the old and embracing the new; her wallpapers are born from the idea of what happens when classic meets modern. I love how she has incorporated this approach into her new Biscayne Dot wallpaper, which updates the classic polka dot with hand drawn cross-hatching. I think the burgundy would be ideal for an entryway; the turquoise for a playroom; and the gold for a living room. Which colourway is your favourite?
// Hygge & West
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